Tuesday, January 11, 2011

9 Tips on How to Develop Love

Love is defined to be the emotion of strong affection and personal attachment to someone. But how to develop it effectively in order to be successful into it.

1. Patience: "Love suffereth long."
2. Kindeness: " Love is kind."
3. generosity: "Love envieth not."
4. Humility: "Love vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up."
5. Courtesy: "Do not behave itself unseemly."
6. Unselfishness: Seeketh not it's own."
7. Good Temper: "Is not provoked."
8. Guilelessness: "Taketh not account of evil."
9. Sincerity: "Rejoiceth not in unrighteousness, but rejoiceth in the truth."

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Threee Steps to Proper Relaxation

Perform these exercises twice a day, preferably when you get up in the morning and just before you go to sleep.

1. Stretch your legs, feeling the tension in all your muscles. Stretch them tighter; hold for a few seconds. Then let go, and feel relaxation spreading through all the muscles of your toes, feet, calves, and thighs.
    Repeat with your arms; chest; stomach and back; face muscles.
    Take a very deep breath, and hold for about 10 seconds. Slowly let it out, feeling your tensions and anxieties pouring out as you do. Repeat twice.

2. Think of a pleasant scene that makes you feel calm and relaxed, feeling relaxation throughout your body. Feel the sensation of relaxation that the scene aroused. Repeat to yourself, as you see and experience the scene: "I feel calm and relaxed."

3. Recall a scene that makes you feel tense or angry, and see and feel it as vividly as you can. Switch to the calm, relaxed scene immediately. Let yourself feel calm and relaxed. Repeat twice. AS you remain relaxed, see your tense, angry scene -- but this time, don't let it bother you.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

4 Useful Tips on How to Apply Faith in Yourself

 As a living individual, it is very important for us to trust on what we believe in. Here are some tips on how to apply it to ourselves.

1.Think success and believe that you are capable of being successful. Cease to think in terms of what you can not do, but in terms of what you can do. Never think failure. Failure is anti-faith.

2.When opportunity appears, hold the deep conviction that, 'This is right for me. I will succeed.'

3.Believe BIG. The size of you success is not determined by the size of your brain but by the size of you faith. Think BIG achievements and back them with BIG faith.

4.Affirm this belief: "Faith is an attitude of mind.Faith is belief in myself, things, other people and GOD.I live in faith.'

Monday, December 27, 2010

11 Tips to Keep Your House Safe While You Are Away

When we are going to a vacation, social gatherings and other alike event wherein we have to leave our house, we're not sure if the house will be safe or not. Here are some guides on what to do before leaving our house to keep it safe from any unwanted occurrences.

1. Shut off electricity and gas; disconnect all appliances.

2. Bring down curtains, draperies and store them.

3. Close all windows, making sure they cannot be forced open.

4. Lock all doors and secure other possible points of entry.

5. Lock all closets and cabinets, especially those where valuables stored.

6. Dispose of perishable food.

7. Discard inflammable material such as old newspapers, cleaning fluids, varnishes, etc., and don't leave matches lying around.

8. Check all faucets, and shut off water connection.

9. Protect from dust with newspapers or dusts sheets your furniture, beds and those which can't be stored away.

10. Clean the house, and spray with insecticides to minimize pest infestation.

11. Leave duplicate key of the house to a trusted neighbor for emergency purposes.

Friday, December 17, 2010

10 Tips on How to Cut to Cost for a Happier Christmas

Christmas is the season of giving, sharing and loving.  It's the season where we give a present to our relatives, friends, godchildren and loved ones. Let's face it that money will always be a factor to be consider especially nowadays that the cost of living is very high plus the world crisis. Here are some tips on how we can spend this holiday inexpensively without sacrificing the spirit it brings.     

 1. Trim your Christmas card list to save on greetings card and postage.

2. Make your own cards.

3. Don't buy "bargain" packs of gift wrap and ribbon without reading the label to see how many feet you are paying for.

4. Make some of your own gifts. The thought that goes into something knitted, sewn, cooked or baked is always appreciated.

5. Give a gift of service. How about baby-sitting for a young mother or doing the marketing for an older friend or relative? A home made "gift certificate" will explain you offer.

6. Get together with the other members of the family and give a group gift. For example, by going together with your brothers and sisters, you can get your parents something special. 

7. Instead of individual gifts, consider one present for an entire family - maybe a magazine subscription or a selection of fruits and cheeses.

8. Conserve energy, even if your house is aglow with lights. Two hundred and fifty midget tree lights use electricity than a 100-watt bulb. Twinkle lights use even less.

9. Don't carry a lot of cash on your shopping trips. And keep a tight grip on your wallet or purse. Remember, this is a busy season for thieves, too.

10. If you use credit cards, keep track of what you've spent, just as you with cash.

  Keep these cost-cutters in mind and you may have the merriest Christmas ever.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

4 Tips on How to Cure Hangover

Hangovers  are caused not by alcohol itself but by non-alcoholic ingredients called congeners which give the flavor and aroma of different drinks. Here are some hangover cures:

1. Drink a glass or two of cold water when you awake " It can't do any harm and at least you'll give all those congeners something to think about."

2. Aspirin, taken with water. "Not dangerous, but not desirable. A couple of aspirin may relieve the hangover eventually, but so will time."

3. Black coffee. "Hot and sweet, this will certainly disguise that foul furry taste on your tongue but only temporarily. It'll do nothing to combat your general indisposition and, at today's prices, there must be a better way of spending money."

4. The real cure. Strongly recommended... Take the juice of one lemon (or orange) and a generous measure of honey... It's the vitamin C of the lemon and the fruit sugar fructose of the honey which do the trick by hastening the rate at which your body breaks up those congeners."

Sunday, December 12, 2010

6 Basic Tips on Checking Your Doctor's Competence

 It is a physician's goal to win the trust of his patients coming to his clinic everyday. A doctor conduct accurate diagnosis, proper medication and care in order for a patient surpass his illness, disorder and relieved the pain a patient has experiencing.  As patients, it's our duty to trust our doctors with our lives and well-being. But how can we check if the doctor we are visiting deserves to gain our trust? Here are some tips to check your doctor's competence and reliability.

1. Hospital affiliation is your best guide to what his fellow doctors think of your own physician. It is next to impossible for a doctor to function competently unless he is on the staff of one or more hospitals available to his patients. A well-regarded doctor will be on the staff of at least one hospital accredited by the Philippine Medical Association. You have every right to ask a doctor about his hospital affiliation and to make sure the hospital is accredited. Check with the hospital itself or the country medical society.

2. Age. In itself, it is no barrier to the highest level of professional skill. Some of the finest doctors in the country are men in their seventies. Yet, as a general rule, the elderly the doctor finds it more difficult to keep up well the latest information. Also such infirmities as failing eyesight or hearing or trembling hands are obvious danger signals. It is perhaps cruel to advise the avoidance of a fine upright man who has grown old in the service of his fellows. But even a simple injection or the insertion of rectal thermometer can result in serious injury if done by hands that have lost their skill.

3. Carelessness. This can be as harmful as ignorance. One way to spot the careless doctor is by his failure to compile a thorough case history on you. Another is the use of penicillin, cortisone, or other powerful drugs without a prior, careful check on whether you may be allergic to them. Beware of the doctor who does not give you careful, precise instructions on how to use the medicines he prescribes and when to stop using them. Suspect the doctor who lets you prescribe yourself.

4. There is no sure way to spot the alcoholic doctor, but if you have suspect that your physician drinks too much, watch out. He is unreliable and apt to be incapacitated just when you need him most. Telltale (but nor infallible) signs of the alcoholic are: watery eyes, ruptured blood vessels on and around the nose, and clumsy hands.

5. Severe emotional disturbance of any sort may well impair a physician's efficiency. But for the most part there are no obvious signs. Your doctor could be so disturbed that he has resorted to narcotics and you might never realize anything was bothering him. If you do recognize a severe personality disturbance however, you should be aware that it can easily interfere with your receiving the best medical treatment.

6. Always be suspicious about surgery. In case of a surgical emergency (such as ruptured appendix) the need, of course, is obvious; there is no time to ask questions. Where there is no emergency, do not let yourself be rushed. Insist on a second, independent diagnosis; no good doctor will resent it. Have added confidence in the surgeon who insists that you go to the hospital for "observation" - a period of diagnostic laboratory tests to check his opinion on whether or not an operation is really needed.
If you think you have a legitimate reason to complain about medical treatment you have received, send a letter to your country medical society, stating the facts that clearly and asking for an investigation. The medical profession is as concerned about unfit doctors as you are.

Checking your doctor's competence and reliability is a must. Especially, nowadays, the  spread and transfer of contagious diseases is very fast; which really requires an efficient doctor. We should always bear in mind that "Health is Wealth".